Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love birthdays, anniversaries or special occasion. Not only it's a day to be remember but a day to reflect and celebrate in style. Think about how often will one buy their mother a present, flowers or simply tell them how much you love them and thank them for always being their for you. I guess not often right? Perhaps only during mothers day? Doesn't matter how busy we are, I reckon we should at least make an effort to remember and embrace that special day.

In this occasion, it's our wedding anniversary. Two years in a roll, I'm celebrating with injuries of some sort which requires me to use crutches. Not the ideal way to celebrate but Ray never complains. Without fail, he took me out to dine. This year we headed to Quay to celebrate


Sea Pearls

Sashimi tuna, sea scallop, crab, smoked eel, octopus

Raw Chinese artichokes, Hiramasa kingfish,

smoked eel, horseradish, nasturtiums, octopus, pickled kohlrabi, egg white & radish flower

Watching how Peter Gilmore cooks on master chef, with the use of baby vegetable and how he present his food on the plate is truly an art. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to be able to smell it and taste it for myself with the best companion- my darling hubby.

Butter poached coturnix quail breast,

chestnuts, truffle, bitter chocolate black pudding, milk skin, walnuts

Crisp confit of pig belly,

green lipped abalone and cuttlefish, handmade silken tofu, Japanese mushrooms, chive flowers

Milk fed Suffolk lamb leg poached in salted butter,

slow cooked crisp lamb belly, Pantelleria capers, nasturtiums, purslane, artichoke emulsion, bergamot jam

erkshire pig jowl,

maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oil

I'm not a food expert and may not able to taste all the flavours as descried on the menu, though all dishes shows a great attention to details. I find the pig jowl a very interesting dish. With the first glance, it looks like a layer of smooth and soft camialised skin on top, instead it's a maltose cracking. While my most favorite would be the butter poached quail breast, with the breast meat so soft and elegant.

Fresh custard apple, vanilla,

warm caramelised brioche, palm blossom sugar, cream, wild thyme honey

Jackfruit snow egg

During our dinner, I witnessed for the first time ever that someone proposed in a restaurant. The traditional, a ring and one knee on the floor, shortly follow with a bunch of flowers. I felt so happy for the couple and linger my thoughts back to our wedding day.

I remember part of our wedding vow included this

Successful marriages are not made easily. They need practice, patience and understanding, a lot of love, and above all, a sense of honour! You are promised no fairytale that is characterized by happy endings. You are promised the opportunity to work together in developing your own future, creating a story that is uniquely yours. Its unfolding lies in your hands."

During the years together, we hardly have an argument. With the accident last year, instead of being impatient and frustrated with me, Ray always shows his caring and patience. He never once complain, at least not to me. On the other hand, I question why the accident happened upon us. Someone told me that accident can happen to anyone even if it's not your fault, having a near death experience perhaps make you treasure family and friends around you more.

The logic of having a near death experience makes me treasure family and friends never justify for me to have such experience. Family and friends are always important to me. Only after more than a year, I think I come to a conclusion that the accident is an experience for me to learn to forgive, to grow stronger as a person, to look forward instead of dwelling on the past. Most important of all, embace life and celebrate all occations!

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