Monday, September 27, 2010

Baffi & Mo

"I am so happy today, I finally opened my bowl after a whole week!"
Oh deary me, not the best start of the day for me to hear while I just woken up from hunger and waiting patiently for my breakfast. While in hospital, that is exactly my so call "room mate" told the nurse in great excitement in her husky and loud voice. A bit too much information for me to over heard such conversation. Somehow, I was able to finish off my selection of high calcium diet to boost the growth of my bones which includes raisin toast, yogurt and a small bottle of milk.

After almost a month resting at home, I finally feel well enough to dine out for brunch and the choice of cafe is Baffi & Mo which is recommended by my cousin during her visit over the weekend. I was so excited, not only am I finally able to dine out again but it's a cafe that I haven't been to.

Sydney is truly an amazing place with so many great dining places and more new restaurants coming along. Baffi & Mo is located at Redfern, the cafe was already filled with diners and customers whom waiting for their take away coffee when we arrived. Surely that must be a good sign for good cafe.

Funny enough, when we were seated the first thing I noticed is people around me, all seems to have branded handbags like LV , miu miu and Chloe. Probably Redfern is truly going to be the next Surry hills. Back to the food, Baffi & Mo provide a great range of brunch, lunch and sandwiches with reasonable pricing.
Ricotta hotcake / Potato hash stack

Having a sweet tooth like mines, I ordered their ricotta hotcake. The hotcake itself is salty but blend beautifully with lemon curd, passion fruit and strawberries. None the least, their coffee taste good as well. The serving is so big, I left totally full though am one very satisfy and happy customer.

P.S Can't believe I'll ask this, but have you open your bowl yet?

Buffi & Mo
(02) 8065 3294
94 Redfern Street
Redfern NSW 2016

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